Welcome to the spotlight on the Secrets to Success. What if I told you the major key to success, is failure? It is one of the most integral part of the journey to becoming successful.

It's true no one likes to make mistakes and be a failure. It makes you question your calibre and brings down your mood… But realise life is a set up. To be successful, you need to build a foundation in your 20’s. So actually it's ok to make mistakes, because they are powerful learning processes which build psychological resilience and shape your character!

“When I was younger there was no losing. I would never think that losing was acceptable. But now being older I understand, that losing is actually a part of it. Losing is actually what’s helped me be the driver I am today. Those lows make the highs even higher. Those difficulties you go through, the character building process, are necessities.” Words from Lewis Hamilton, 4x Formula 1 World Champion at only age 32.

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

Time is your friend when you're in your 20's, so learn how to fail until you get to know yourself enough. Try many things and fail fast, to experience and get comfortable with failure. This will increase your ability to adapt to the greater challenges in each successive task you encounter on your road to success.

When you make mistakes, try to not get caught up in your thoughts and become too stubborn to get past the losing feeling. Take an overarching view on where you want to be, and train your mind to be mature enough to get past the feeling and make a reversal of perspective; where if you’re not winning, then you’re learning. The execution of all that learning will then happen in your 30s and beyond, on your journey to becoming successful in your chosen field of endeavour! As Jack Ma said, “No matter what one does, regardless of failure or success, the experience is a form of success in itself.”

“It was through trying a lot of different things and doing a lot of things wrong, I was able to find clarity on what I want."

I want to finish on this note to always remember, “Failure is not an option. When you go into it, I want you to go into everything you do, listen to me, as if failure is not an option. Alright, its not a button, its not a label, it does not exist. YOU CAN DO IT!” Best wishes in your pursuit :)

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS!


[Post inspired by the thoughts of Lewis Hamilton, Albert Einstein, Pejman Ghadimi, Vinh Giang and Eric "ET the Hip Hop Preacher” Thomas]

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