Welcome to the spotlight on the Secrets to Success. One of the most important elements for achievement is FOCUS. The best advice I have ever heard about how to be successful is to "delete social media and work 80 hours a week.”

But what is your big picture? First we need to formulate clear goals on what we have passion for; to know where we want to be and what problems we want to solve in life. “Success has to happen in your heart first. Develop passion for something then go after it.”

Once you’re able to define this, you have certainty and control so you can start working to get where you want to be. Focus your time and energy so you can “work to your potential, not your quota”.

"Focus on one thing, one area. Put all of your energy into watering one area. If you spread the water across many many seeds, you don’t have as much water for one seed. So focus on one thing."

In the current digital/social media era we are presented with so many distractions that take our attention away from our core goals. These small deviations are enough to change our thought, opportunity and trajectory towards our future of what we want to achieve. Remember these are small time transient things, forget about them. Have tunnel vision and always focus on your big picture.

“I feel to be at the pinnacle of any game, in any, whatever you do. You’ve got to be a little bit gone to it, you’re not all there, you’ve got to be almost insane to your craft… Thats why I don’t know about nothing else. I do not pay attention to nothing else."

Great advice I received this week from friend and emerging leader/businesswoman Marie. Think about the term meta-attention: which is to pay attention to attention itself. Notice when you get distracted so you can bring your attention back to the centre. This is the secret to concentration. More concentration = get more done = get ahead in this life. #BOOM

“The more you win, the more you should work harder. If you think about losing, you’re gonna lose. I always thought about winning, so that's all I know.”

As well as focusing on what we are working on, it is critical to focus on ourselves and our environment, to keep out the negative energy. Remember toxic people are only ever projecting their negative issues/character onto you. Create a strong belief in yourself and keep good company, to drown out the outer negativity. Catch the previous article on supportive relationships here.

Head down and keep moving forward. “Focus on progressing 1% a day, and eventually you’ll conquer a mountain” Best wishes in your pursuit :)

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS!


[Post inspired by the thoughts of Chris Shirly, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Tyler Perry, Connor “The Notorious” McGregor, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Gerad Adams]

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