Hello. I recently had the oppourtunity to visit the flagship Tesla showroom in Sydney. One word... WOW. Have heard and read about Tesla for a while, but to actually see the cars in person was amazing, a vision into the future of automobiles.

Had a great time with my cousin Raj getting a full demonstration of the Model S P85. Check that interior, beautiful futuristic design. Unfortunately, no test drive this time :(

With the worlds reliance on fossil fuels as an energy resource and the issues surrounding global warming, we require steps towards sustainable energy solutions. So what is Tesla Motors about? Tesla is a startup automotive (and energy) company making all electric cars. Ok when you hear electric cars, you think boring... but no Tesla make very cool luxury electric cars! Elon's agenda: to save the world and make humans an interplanetary species.

The real iron man, Elon Musk, is touted to have founded Tesla Motors, however, I would like to clear this misconception.

May I have your attention please? Will the real Tesla founders please stand up, please stand up, please stand up (LOL): Tesla Motors was actually founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning back in 2003. "The name was given to both pay homage to the inventor and electric motor pioneer Nikola Tesla and because it sounded cool."

Tesla needed a lead investor to put up the money required to produce its prototype electric vehicle. This is where Elon comes in, where he made a $6.5 million investment (from money he made after the sale of PayPal to Ebay) leading him to become the largest shareholder and chairman of the company. After years of issues regarding the company and production between Eberhard and Musk, Eberhard was replaced by an outside CEO in 2007. When this still didnt work out, Musk put up his fortune and took over as CEO.

Tesla automobiles have really come forward from the early days as an independent automaker. The ultimate aim being to produce electric cars at an affordable price for the everyday consumer. The first car produced was the Tesla Roadster (photo ->), followed by the current Model S and new Model X, and upcoming Model 3.

For one man to be such a visionary and build up a successful automotive (electric vehicle!) company in this day is incredible (while also running his two other companies SpaceX and SolarCity!).

I think Elon is the greatest thinker and doer of our time. His knowledge and ability to combine engineering and business is next level. In the next 15 years, when solar becomes the main source of energy for the world, Tesla Motors will really shine with its automotive and energy solutions. Elon Musk will leave a legacy like no other.

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


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