What is your dream? Is it to work your entire life just so you can pay your bills and die? Or is it to live life on your own terms? Living life at the highest level. To achieve freedom.

As the great Harvey Specter said, "Life is this _ . I like this ~."

You have probably heard it a million times, money doesn't buy happiness. But realise money buys freedom, and freedom is happiness. Money is the tool to buy back your freedom. However, money isnt the only facet to freedom. Freedom entails being able to do what you choose. And I dont mean chilling at the beach sipping pina coladas 24/7, rather pursuing what you are truly passionate about. BIG money is a by product of success in your chosen field/craft. Passionate work and riches go hand in hand.

Formal education will get you somewhere. Self education will get you freedom.

Critical perspectives in the pursuit of mastery are;

1] Think big, its ridiculous to worry about the small things. The mind atrophies if left unchallenged. Stay focused on big ideas and what you can create. "Make sure you have goals that are really defined because if you want something in life, there's no limit."

2] Forget about the baby money, have minimal financial motivation. Money is just a by product of massive success when pursuing mastery of your craft. Always be looking to learn new things and innovate your ideas.

3] Time is the most important commodity. "Initially we all have to trade our time for money, while we build our skills and experience. Its survival, until rather we are able to trade our skills and talent for money" (ie massive success doing what we love).

"You can have more than you have got, because you can become more than you are". You dont need to be "special" to attain freedom in life... "Income does not far exceed personal developement", you just need to have a relentless pursuit for mastery.

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


[Post inspired by the thoughts of Agent Steven Mehr, Grant Cardone, Louis Spagnuolo, Pejman Ghadimi and Jim Rohn]

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