Welcome to the spotlight on the Secrets To Success. I can't believe I slept on this incredibly insightful video from PJ of Secret Entourage on the things you can do in your 20s to ensure you are young and successful (< 40 years old).

The biggest thing I have learnt is that life is a set up. To be successful in your 30s you need to build a foundation in your 20s.

Critical perspectives are to get educated and exposed to:


Experience and get comfortable with failure. Time is your friend when you're in your 20s, learn how to fail until you get to know your self enough.


You will be working around money your whole life. Really understand how money works, what it does, how it functions, how its lost, and get emotionally disconnected from it in your 20s.


Develop good habits of staying focused and staying consistent.

The execution of all that learning then happens in your 30s, and you will be very successful by the time you are 40. Hope you enjoy the insightful video!

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


[Post inspired by the thoughts of Pejman Ghadimi. Catch him on Instagram @icreatemillionaires]

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