This is a throwback post to the first Adelaide Fitness Expo a few years ago, where I had the pleasure to meet one of Australia's most exciting young entrepreneurs, the man himself Ediz Ozturk, CEO and Managing Director of gym/athleisure wear brand DoYouEven (DYE). (and some of the team too... hi Vanja "Charmy" LOL)

He was gracious enough to take time out from the exhibition to have a chat about life and business. Started in 2012, after dropping University to pursue the venture full time, in a few short years DYE has become a very successful company... It all started from a small idea (based on "Do you even lift?"), brilliant marketing and the belief and will to make it successful. Noticing that gym/athleisure wear niche is becoming saturated, he has been adaptive and also diversified into mens formal fashion and tech startups. During our conversation I asked him what his advice would be for young people also wanting to get into business/entrepreneurship. Here are his critical points of advice: 1] Surround yourself with positivity (people and environment)

2] Be fearless and go for things you believe in

3] Build up your goals. Write down your brick by brick plan on how you will get there

4] It takes hard work and long hours, but there is no better feeling than being free and pursuing what you enjoy in life (as a career)

So far he is killing it at only 26! Watch out for this superstar in the future.

A little excerpt from his Instagram (@wealthandfitness):

“Forever grateful and truly lucky to be given the opportunities that I’ve been given in life (the ability to think freely and creatively, an education, and the creature comforts that seem the norm, but shouldn’t ever be taken for granted). Living in such a prosperous country to not only be able to dream the dream, but realise the actuality of our dreams. That’s something really special"

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


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