Hello. I just finished reading Elon Musk's biography "Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future" by Ashlee Vance. A wonderfully written book. The book has many interesting stories, and I wanted to share some of my favourite quotes which give great insights into the life of the real Iron Man himself.

Kimbal Musk (Elon's brother): "South Africa was not a happy-go-lucky place, and that has an impact on you. We saw some really rough stuff. It was part of an atypical upbringing-just this insane set of experiences that changes how you view risk. You don't grow up thinking getting a job is the hard part. That's not interesting enough."

"The average person might see space exploration as a waste of time..., but Musk thought about interplanetary travel in a very earnest way. He wanted to inspire the masses and reinvigorate their passion for science, conquest, and the promise of technology."

David Vespremi (former Tesla spokesman): "Then came this profound moment where we were reminded that building the car was not about getting to an IPO or selling it to a bunch of rich dudes but because it might change what a car is."

"Each facet of Musk's life might be an attempt to soothe a type of existential depression that seems to gnaw at his every fibre. He sees man as self limiting and in peril and wants to fix the situation."

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


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