Hello. Elon Musk has done it again! Tesla Motors unveiled the final instalment to their master plan for mass market electric vehicles; the Tesla Model 3. A high volume, affordable priced electric car for the everyday consumer. Multiple iterations were required to develop the technology (manufacturing/battery) and to raise the revenue to achieve this incredible feat in engineering and business.

The Tesla masterplan blueprint:

Stage 1 - Tesla Roadster, a low volume high priced EV based on the Lotus Elise chassis

Stage 2 - Model S, a mid volume less-high priced EV sedan

Stage 2.5 - Model X, a mid volume less-high priced EV SUV

Stage 3 - Model 3, a high volume affordable priced EV sedan

Here is the Model 3 unveiling video, enjoy! Congratulations Elon Musk and the Tesla Motors team.

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


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