Welcome to the spotlight on the Secrets To Success. I was reading the AFR last week with an article on the current job market for graduates, where demand continues to outstrip available positions. So what can you do to become a successful recruit in an overcrowded and tough market. Lets talk about an important element; differentiation. "You have to be odd to be number one".

Today's technology focused world drives personal branding and platforms for generating more work and experience for ourselves. No longer are the days when solid grades and attaining a degree results in a ticket to a secured job/career... there is quite an oversupply of graduates, so getting your foot in the door is difficult. In the current tougher economic conditions, companies are increasingly searching for graduates with extra curricula activities, soft skills and life experiences.

"Dont let school get in the way of your education. The best lessons in life dont come from a teacher. They come from experience."

As a graduate keep your options open and engage many outside interests to increase your experience and personal achievement. Each oppourtunity will teach you something different and grow your skills:

- part time/casual employment in industry of interest

- small business

- ecommerce business

- YouTube channel

- website

- mobile app

- start-up

- learn a language

- learn a musical instrument

- learn in depth a topic of interest

- develop in and play a sport

- travel the world

- volunteer

The skills and creative experience from these ventures will differentiate you and make you a unique asset for the organisation. "There was a new breed of graduate recruits with more diverse skills and an entrepreneurial and innovative mindeset because of the growth of the start-up and digital economies." Best wishes for your future career endeavours.

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


[Post inspired by the thoughts of Marianna Papadakis, Edmund Tadros and Arvin Lal]

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