Welcome to the spotlight on the Secrets To Success. Lets talk about one of the most important elements; BEING YOURSELF.

"A huge facet of success is merely being able to express yourself".

We are all on our own jourey of self discovery. To live a fullfilled life we have to stand up for the things we are passionate about and believe in. This will sometimes meet opposition, but always warrants respect.

In today's digitally connected world public perception and instant gratification seem to rule in our lives. Pressuring us to be liked and fit in with the current trends. Forget about it. We need to be able to shift our thoughts to not be overwhelmed by this "distraction", and rather think and act in alignment with our true selves and our happiness. Make sure all your actions support where you want to be tomorrow. We can make what we do special, by offerring a little bit of ourselves (confidence and consistency). Others may be better than you at different things, but not at being you. Once you embrace that, nobody can beat you at being that.

"If you choose to be passive in the expression of yourself dont be surprised in the active opression you'll experience. The worst jail is the mental prison you create for yourself via the bricks that others throw at you."

As wise words from the man Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself, "I realised the hard way that the most powerful thing I could have been was just myself". "Often we get caught up in 'It's gotta be perfect'. Well, no. Just be better today than you were yesterday".

You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS.


[Post inspired by thoughts from Jake Gatsbyisms, Cutis "50 Cent" Jackson, Jack Delosa and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson]

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