I am passionate about business and science, resulting in the inception of Just BS (BUSINESSxSCIENCE)... haha

The education system is too focused on teaching students what to learn, rather than how to learn. I find most graduate students to be disorientated with the accountability and responsibilities of life. 


This platform is designed to inspire possibility and redefine your thinking on a bigger scale.

Moving into different circles you meet and hear experiences of others accomplished. The Just BS blog will document and share ideas/perspectives that I encounter, providing insights into career and personal development from successful individuals. 

Enjoy Just BS (BUSINESSxSCIENCE). You can take it as insight, or you can take it as Just BS!



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Hello, I'm Ankit Blanket!

Just a chocolate brother enjoying business, science, watches, coffee,  piano & photography.

Let's connect @justbsaus

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